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a restricted computer network

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Therefore, although some network probes are implemented in most brand-name IP routers, the burden on their CPU often calls for deploying a standalone network probe devices with lots of CPU power and/or HW-accelerated packet analysis.
Ultimately, tunable lasers will allow the data and control planes of optical switches to be tested directly as a standalone network element.
While it can be used as a standalone network design tool, Supply Chain Sherpa is most effective when used as part of the LLamasoft supply chain design software solution suite.
com)-- QNAP Security, a professional manufacturer of Linux-embedded, standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions, announced that the brand new VioStor NVR VS-4116 Pro+ was honored in Secutech Excellence Awards contest with NVR Excellence Award.
Eliminating the need for standalone network elements dedicated solely to the encryption function, the solution simplifies network design and management, the companies said.
Being a standalone network is an increasing liability," Freston says.
A key benefit of the ZCM is its flexibility of operation; while it can operate as a standalone network in small installations, it is also capable of interfacing with centralized control systems to provide comprehensive control and monitoring.
The versatile measurement capabilities of the new instruments make them a safe investment, starting with a pure spectrum analyzer (R&S FPL1000) or a standalone network analyzer, which can be turned into a 3-in-1 allrounder by adding the integrated spectrum analysis option and power sensors (R&S ZNL).
However, one showbiz analyst, who requested anonymity, says non-media companies would hesitate to buy Court TV as a standalone network.
5 in standalone network devices or slave to another processor, using Frontier's FSAPI communications interface.
4 brings substantial benefits beyond conventional standalone network security products," says Antti Kuvaja,Director of Product Management at Stonesoft.
OnTime Networks AS is a pioneer within timing solutions and one of the leading providers of data communication products with time sync support, standalone network clocks and IPs for distribution of precise time over Ethernet, where our time synchronization protocol stack supports all flavors of IEEE 1588 and IEEE 802.
TechNavio's report highlights that many vendors have realized that the demand for standalone network monitoring tools has declined.
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