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capable of operating independently

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0 can be used as a standalone application for managing day-to-day business content or through new search capabilities where workers can access data through multiple connected DocuShare and CPX servers.
LERS is a standalone application that any title company can use, regardless of its title production software," said Foster Edwards, president, Stewart Title of Corpus Christi.
Virtual Document Delivery - Enigma streamlines the delivery of documents that are authored using a single-source methodology, helping to eliminate inconsistencies between documents that share common fragments when content is served to end users on the Web, on a mobile device, as a standalone application or on paper.
Infinys CSM can be implemented as a standalone application or as part of an integrated Infinys solution.
Developed in 1991, PGP is available as both a standalone application and a plug-in to many popular email client applications.
Our configuration and platform options allow operators the choice of how they want to launch PTT, either on top of an IMS core, as a standalone application, or on a hosted basis.
They are also licensed to OEMs and ASPs, where they either embed into their applications or are provided as a standalone application.
Anti-virus applications began as standalone applications that actively scanned your computer for these little nasties, on demand.