Stan the Man

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United States baseball player (born in 1920)

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Well, he's never gonna be as good as Stan the Man," I said defensively.
Calling him Stan the Man asserted, in the face of whatever anyone might say in favor of other hitters, that this guy was the one we should most admire.
Friends say John, who plays Pete Gifford in Cold Feet and likeable rogue Stan in new series Stan the Man, is besotted by Olivia and helps change nappies.
Painter, though, faces competition to land Stan the Man, who was last night linked with Paris St Germain.
I've got a sexual health advice leaflet here from Birmingham City Council," laughed Stan the Man.
When I finally got to confront Stan the Man, it was just about the most difficult moment in an interview I've ever had to face up to.
But, as he shows in his explosive autobiography, Stan The Man, he has had a lot of fun and fights and along the way.
It's not that there was anything particularly wrong with Stan The Man, it was just .
O'Neill (below) has refused to comment on speculation linking him with the Leicester bad boy - fuelling rumours that Stan the man is set for Parkhead.
I can only think that someone put two and two together and made 67-as far as I could see, Stan the Man wasn't even there.
Seven months on, Stan The Man again finished a loser as Villa's reserves went down 2-1 to Blackburn Rovers in front of 842 paying customers.
PLET'S hear it for Stan the Man - and I'm not talking about Collymore this time.
STAN The Man, as he is affectionately known, is playing the the most famous club in the world, The Cavern.
Stan The Man also boasts the talents of mother-and-daughter team Kay Mellor and Gaynor Faye, plus Joan Kempson and George Costigan.
BIRMINGHAM welcomed a new Stan The Man this week - and Stan Lazaridis immediately reassured fans: "I won't get stressed out.