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United States baseball player (born in 1920)

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"Well, he's never gonna be as good as Stan the Man," I said defensively.
"Sad to hear about Stan the Man," All-Star outfielder Matt Holliday said in a tweet.
The idea for a monument to Musial came from his good friend Bob Broeg, who had become a kind of high priest of Stan the Man. (3) In fact, that renowned nickname was itself the result of Broeg's writings.
But 'Stan The Man' went on to score just seven league goals in 46 appearances - a poor return which Yorke put down to a bad attitude.
Lawson has struggled for points at home this season and the Borders club's management have moved quickly to bring in Burza - affectionately known as 'Stan the Man' among Bandits diehards.
2007: Youth worker "Stan the Man" Norris was rewarded with an MBE.
The Stan the Man exhibition will feature a range of memorabilia from the Pencoed-born star, tracking his time as a jazz musician in the '40s right up to his present-day appearances in one-man shows and pantomimes.
"I'll never know how I managed to land the barbel on such light tackle after 10 minutes of delicate control in soaking weather", is Stan the man's verdict on a remarkable achievement.
Friends say John, who plays Pete Gifford in Cold Feet and likeable rogue Stan in new series Stan the Man, is besotted by Olivia and helps change nappies.
Painter, though, faces competition to land Stan the Man, who was last night linked with Paris St Germain.
Known to comic fans as 'Stan the Man,' the 79-year-old Lee hasn't rested on his laurels, either.
'Stan the Man' was already fuming his third-round win against Denis Istomin was postponed over the weekend, leaving him with an arduous schedule if he is to reach the final.
"I've got a sexual health advice leaflet here from Birmingham City Council," laughed Stan the Man.
"Stan the Man was an accomplished candlepin bowler and the T&G champion in 1947, 57 and runner up in 1961.
When I finally got to confront Stan the Man, it was just about the most difficult moment in an interview I've ever had to face up to."