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Synonyms for stamp collecting



Synonyms for stamp collecting

the collection and study of postage stamps

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The 75-year-old decided stamp-collecting was too boring and thought he'd have a go at martial arts instead.
On the occasion of his 90th birthday in May, a Lithuanian stamp-collecting organization issued a commemorative stamp containing his picture along with a few sentences detailing his many exploits.
Flying Flowers has turned philatelist by acquiring Stanley Gibbons, one of the best known names in the stamp-collecting world.
It covers his earliest days as a stamp-collecting kid in Stourbridge to the world domination of Led Zeppelin.
But stamps are not dead, and stamp-collecting is not yet threatened by new technology, although new young members could give the Emirates Philatelic Association a boost, said Abdullah Al Khoury, president of the association.
The international 1918 Club emerged in 1960, after a pair of stamp-collecting pen pals, John Marko of Pennsylvania and Aura Jane Vannoy of Texas, realized they were both born the same year.
Peter said: "I've always had hobbies - it used to be train-spotting and stamp-collecting.
Mr Salton was a member of Huddersfield Philatelic Society and was instrumental in arranging exchange visits with stamp-collecting counterparts in Huddersfield's French twin town, Besancon.
His grandfather, who worked at the Dayton Post Office, actually met Orville Wright at a stamp-collecting event in 1948.
When the cameras caught up with her she was helping husband No 5 run a stamp-collecting business on the internet.
The 32-cent Sylvester & Tweety stamp is intended to bring attention to Stampers, a youth stamp-collecting program which already features Bugs Bunny, the most popular stamp of 1997.