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The Kapasan Theatre also played host to komedi stambul troupes, feerie stage acts and tableaux vivants.
The elimination of the program will likely result in additional loan defaults and potentially foreclosures," said Angelo Stambules, a senior vice president at Hunter Hotels.
Born in Pandan, Bangil, East Java, in 1913 or 1914, Devi Dja initially performed in her grandfather's stambul troupe, but came to fame through the Dardanella Theater Company led by Adolf Piedro, who first met her 1927.
Pauvre Stambul!" and then "balzo sul parapetto, e [...] precipito nelle onde" (Novelle 108-09).
a global critic against the State of Israel, perceived as the main destabilizing political actor in the area of the Middle East (Pierre Stambul, 2007; Seth Ackerman, 2007; Corneliu Florea, 2007).
Komedie Stambul was established 1891 in the Javanese port town of Surabaya.
In the land where for a long, long time The terrible rumbling of arms never fell silent, Where the Russian showed Stambul His imperious borders, Where our old double-headed eagle Still rustles with bygone glory, I would meet amid the steppes On the boundaries of ancient forts The peaceful wagons of the gypsies, The children of humble freedom.
Upon the hilltops of Stambul [Istanbul] the shining white "Great Mosques" swell up and spread themselves out amid the spacious courtyards surrounded by neat tombs in lively cemeteries.
So fromm" from Flotow's Martha and the luscious title song from Leo Fall's Die Rose von Stambul. (These were all specialties of the late Fritz Wiinderlich, and I was delighted at how very well Butterfield, particularly in full-throated operetta-schmaltz mode, fared in comparison.)
Armour, Michael Polich and Harriet Stambul, Evaluating Alcoholism Treatment (Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corporation, 1976).