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of Selangor, Opera Indra Zabba, Opera Macao, Parsi Curzon Theatrical Co., Parsi Theatre Co., Pollard's Lilliputian Opera, Stanley Opera, Star Opera, Straits Opera, Transatlantic Variety Co., Wayang Ayesha (or Aishah), Wayang Indra Jaya, Wayang Kassim, Wayang Stamboul, Wayang Yap Chow Thong, Weatherley's, Wellington Barracks Theatre, Willard Opera, and Williamson & Maher's Chicago Tourist Minstrel and Variety.
"Stamboul," the next paragraph introduces the first person:
There have been so many different names for this city through the ages: Lygos, Byzantium, Augusta Antonina, New Rome, Constantinople, Konstantiniyye, Polis, Stimpol, Stamboul, Estanbul, Islambol, Istambol.
In the next soundproof hangar is a huge replica of Stamboul (now Istanbul) station, complete with huge columns, two tracks and platforms.
The actor-filmmaker also had the challenge of overseeing this huge production that involved the construction of a fully moving train, complete with lavish interiors, a majestic Stamboul (Istanbul) train station with huge columns, working tracks and platforms, and other elaborate sets on Longcross' largest soundstages.
La coupure programmee pour vendredi de 5h a 8h concernera les communes de Bordj El-Bahri, Ain Taya et El-Marsa en totalite et en partie, celles de Heuraoua (centre-ville, cite AADL et OPGI) et de Bordj El-Kiffan (localites du quartier diplomatique, Herraga, Doum, Ben M'Rad, Ali Sadek, Stamboul, Dergana, Mouhous et Si Smail), a precise la meme source.
I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through Edwardian-era Stamboul in high summer; with its colourful descriptions of jewelled swords that rule empires, ghosts that haunt palaces, and tyrannical rulers flanked by their murdering eunuchs.
Among the topics are Evliya and the sultan, the Avenue of the Long Market, the Street of the Dwarf Fountain, the hunger of elephants, Stamboul journeys, the saints in our alleyways, and the passage of flowers.
Byzantium, New Rome, Constantinople, Old Stamboul. Its name has changed, but the glory endures.
Mousley, The Secrets of a Kuttite: An Authentic Story of Kut, Adventures in Captivity and Stamboul Intrigue, London: John Lane, 1921; Sandes, In Kut and Captivity, 193.
Writing in 1877, the traveler Edmondo de Amicis describes Istanbul's mystery: "Beyond the sixth hill of Stamboul and beyond Galata nothing but vague outlines can be seen, patches of city or suburb, glimpses of harbours, fleets, groves --pale in the azure air, unreal, like tricks of the light and atmosphere" (p.
Savory in Stamboul Train (1932) and, according to Sherry (439-40), did so again in BR as the "well-known popular author" who "displayed his plump too famous face in the window of the Royal Albion [Hotel], staring out to sea" (153).
me disais-je interieurement, si un energique patriote, si Gregoire III Ghica, l'indomptable prince de Moldavie, ou Gregoire IV Ghica le Restaurateur eut regne alors a Bukarest, la couronne de Michel le Brave n'eut pas servi de jouet aux diplomates et aux despotes degeneres de Stamboul !