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a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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The most insidious of these is the Roman Catholic Church, largely because it is well-organized and its members have been terrorized from early childhood into unquestioning obedience--a situation not dissimilar to that of Communist youth in the Stalinist era.
In the vein of the monumental The Black Book of Communism, which he co-wrote, Cannibal Island lays bare the details of the brutality of the Stalinist era.
Told from a female perspective, the elegant screenplay by literary talent Andrzej Bart revels in allusions, jokes and paradoxes, taking cliches about life in the Stalinist era and turning them inside out.
Littell's brilliant and convincing presentation of this kaleidoscopic view of the Mandelstam story makes for a lot of color and heat--the life and times of the Stalinist era, with all its fears and bravery, its show trials and executions, with Stalin himself as a character in the center of things.
It would need to rise above its beliefs from the Stalinist era to be able to evolve into a party that can appeal to the vast majority of India's people.
It is time to stop bogging down in the Stalinist era and move on into the Cold War.
For the novel recounts not only the horrors of the Stalinist era but also its pre-history (the adolescent Sashenka's staunch utopian fervor) and, more powerfully still, its aftermath.
Here Anemone argues that German's achievement was to convey the complexities of the Stalinist era, in which people were prepared to commit terrible acts in the belief that they were serving a higher moral and political purpose.
Now a British citizen living in Oxford, Mrs Wolinska is accused of masterminding the false arrest and execution of General Emil Fieldorf, known by the alias Nil, in the country's Stalinist era.
For a start Czech bureaucracy is a leftover from the Stalinist era and a real test of the spirit.
Seeger writes that Duranty failed to report the "monstrous crimes" of the Stalinist era, the terrible human cost, stories that would have diminished the reporter's "claimed omnipotence.
being identified as an enemy of the working class, was largely a result of (or synonymous with) the composer's deviant aesthetics, and the degree of this persecution varied throughout the Stalinist era.
Hessler's main argument is that despite the abolition of the NEP, which allowed limited private retailing and manufacture, private trade persisted, albeit in reduced and often illegal forms, and provided a significant proportion of consumer goods to Soviet citizens throughout the Stalinist era.
Cunningham's outline of the brief phase of post-war pluralism is informative and discerning, as is his discussion of the Stalinist era in which the bureaucratic apparatus took absolute control of the Hungarian film industry.
With Russian literature the focus of this year's Frankfurt hook fair, this extensive concurrent exhibition offers a survey of Soviet art during the Stalinist era.