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a follower of Stalin and Stalinism

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If Jezza has any sense, he'll call a halt to this Stalinist purge and restore the party to those who need it most - not the ideological purists whose socialism is in their pointy-heads rather than their hearts.
BODY POLITIC Hilarious scenes in biting satire about Stalinist Russia
This balancing act, ever precarious, gave way by the late 1930s to what David-Fox dubs the "Stalinist superiority complex," an all-pervasive ideological gloss that elevated Soviet achievements to positions of unquestioned global primacy (285).
Wajda's last film, 'Afterimage', a biopic about avant-garde painter Wldyslaw Strzeminski, tells a story of an artist struggling to overcome the pressures of Stalinist dogma on art shortly after World War Two.
Trekking from south to north, the narrator becomes a witness to the grim realities of Stalinist Russia.
Oxford University Press, the publishing department of Oxford University, announced on Monday that Andrei Lankov's account of North Korea, titled The Real North Korea: Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist State, will be released on 26 February 2015, priced at GBP10.99.
The Tea Party's main enemy in US politics is the far left of Obama's Democratic Party: The Workers World Party (WWP), a Stalinist group founded in 1959 (see Workers World in Google).
and international organization Stalinist, was painted red, NGO Free Zone reports.
In his new book, "The Real North Korea-Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia," Andrei Lankov, delves into the "inner logic of the North Korean behaviour", and the peculiarities of a society that has seen it survive until this day despite mounting international pressure and domestic economic woes, reports the Wall Street Journal.
It is like a tour across a Stalinist open-air park, to put it ironically.
He pushed development of nuclear weapons, while agricultural mismanagement and Stalinist economics ensured hardship and famine for millions.
Stalinist genetics; the constitutional rhetoric of T.D.
"In Damascus, there is a real revolution against the last of the Arab Stalinist regimes.
One should point out that the murder of 1621,000 Polish POWs in March and April 1940 was not an isolated incident, but rather a tragic milestone in the Stalinist policy to subjugate the Poles.