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a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling

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Gingko stair rail. The main stair rail in the Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute are cast bronze and laser-cut steel by Monroe artist Lin Cook.
The door handle, stair rail, and window shown in the exhibition preserved traces of the past, the creased surface of the latex resembling aged, sloughed-off flesh.
His solution was to build a half-wall that serves as a counter backsplash on the kitchen side and a stair rail on the other.
Claire Wheeler broke a bottle on a stair rail and held it against Nicholas Bailey's neck before pushing it into his chest, causing a puncture wound.
One onlooker said: "She had to walk down one step at a time and she was putting her full weight on Richard and the stair rail for support."
Davina Butchere had been sliding down the stair rail with a 10ft length of ribbon around her shoulders.
Having proved their metal in the kitchen, whose idea was the new stair rail, we asked.