St. John the Baptist

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(New Testament) a preacher and hermit and forerunner of Jesus (whom he baptized)

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The scope of services for this project is for professional services to perform comprehensive financial planning, level of service study, public information, and financial benchmarking for the water and sewerage systems of the St.
June 24th is also marked by the Orthodox Church as the birthday of St.
This book will appeal to Scripture scholars, Near Eastern archaeologists, and devotees of St.
When Prince Hall reconvened the Lodge for a public St.
Ecolab decided to reinvest in Louisiana because of the track record of production success the company has had in St.
9 as a commemoration of the transfer (traslacion) of the statue of a dark-colored Christ from a Recollect church in Intramuros, Manila, where it was first enshrined, to St.
Contract notice: Technician Consulting mission for the programming of the church organ restoration of St.
After authoring a plethora of flowery statements in the controversy about the relics of St.
A private Family Committal will take place on Friday, 14th August 2009 followed by a Service of Thanksgiving at St.
Onuphrius is appropriate as this saint imitated the solitude of St.
Maria Novella fresco cycle of the Lives of the Virgin and St.
Anne Barrett, daughter of Mr and Mrs B Barrett, of Coventry Road, Baginton, and Neil Rushfirth, son of Mr and Mrs B Rushfirth, of Kippax, Leeds, at St.
He began teaching the game to interested boys at his church, St.
This contract is a contract for services relating to the various services related to the restoration of the residents who live in nursing homes The Concille (80 residents) and St.
The last of the prophets was the forerunner to the Messiah, St.