St. Augustine

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(Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian church

a resort city in northeastern Florida

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Though France had sold Louisiana nearly four decades before St.
One of his accomplishments has been to refocus and hone that mission: To serve the Latino community and spread the message that St.
Captain Larry Miniard of nearby Palm Valley guides mainly out of St.
Over the years, it became increasingly obvious to the Spanish they needed to stop building wooden forts and get some serious firepower in St.
If you like golf, then visit the World Golf Village, which is on the way to St.
It shows a probable connection to Mexico or Central America that St.
If It Takes All Summer recounts the struggle against segregation in St.
Don Juan Ponce de Leon thought he had found the fabled Fountain of Youth in St.
Scholars have studied the settlement and society of St.
America's oldest continuously occupied European city, St.
For a textbook case of sound PPS management, it would be hard to do better than St.
Whether you're able to hire a nurse enterostomal therapist (ET) consultant, as did St.
Jutting steeply out of the waters of Cook Inlet, Alaska's Mount St.
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