St Martin's Day

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the feast of Saint Martin

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At St Martin's School C of E Primary, in Lower Church Lane, more than 400 blue balloons took to the skies to mark both St Martin's Day and Armistice Day.
VENICE: Venetian Apartments (020 8878 1130) offers seven nights' rental of apartment in classic Palazzo Santa Maria in Castello for St Martin's Day celebrations on November 11.
November the 11th is St Martin's Day, the eve of the old Celtic festival of Samhain when cattle were brought from the pastures.
And so it is with this much-delayed Oirish ensemble comedy in which a bunch of Donegal village lads, hormones inflamed by seeing Bo Derek in 10 at the village picture show (the hopeless priest had ordered The 10 Commandments) and not turned on by any of the local totty, place an ad inviting available American lasses to grab a plane and join them for the St Martin's Day dance.
November 11, St Martin's Day is the eve of the old Celtic Samhain when the cattle were brought down from the hills for winter and the excess stock were slaughtered.