Adam's Peak

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a mountain peak in south central Sri Lanka (7,360 feet high)

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See generally Chandra Sekhar Sripada & Stephen Stich, A Framework for the Psychology of Norms, in 2 THE INNATE MIND: CULTURE AND COGNITION 280 (Peter Carruthers et al.
Literature also suggests a close relationship between emotion recognition and emotional experience (Goldman & Sripada, 2005; Suzuki, Hoshino, Shigemasu, & Kawamura, 2007).
Dr T K Sripada Rao, internationally renowned nephrologist of Brooklyn Hospital who treated late Chief Minister M G Ramachandran (MGR) was honored on the occasion.
ANATIONAL Institute of Fashion Technology ( NIFT) professor and his government official accomplice have been jailed for harassing playback singer Chinmayee Sripada on Twitter.
Vuddandi Prabodh (1), Deva Prakash (2), Godi Sudhakar (2), Yeruva Reddy (1), Nadella Chowdary (1), Sripada Desai (1), Ravi Shekhara (1)
Dichas aplicaciones ayudan a comprender previsiones del estado de las mareas (Hunter, Gatt, Portet, Reiter & Sripada, 2008) o son de utilidad en dominios como la Bolsa o para descubrimiento de grandes informaciones en repositorios de datos (Fatudimu, Musa, Ayo & Sofoluwe, 2008).
Subra Sripada was named executive vice president and chief administrative and information officer for the system.
Barnett and Chandralekha Sripada, also visa assistants, said they appreciate that American officers are interested in following Indian customs and feel the yoga break refreshes the sta.
Although palpation of the ET tube pilot balloon is common practice (Pollard & Lobato 1995), several studies have demonstrated the inability of intensive care physicians, anaesthetists prehospital, emergency physicians and critical care nursing staff to accurately determine ET tube cuff pressure by palpation alone (Foroughi & Sripada 1997, Hoffman et al 2006, Fernandez et al 1990, Ganner 2001).
senior vice president and chief quality officer, and current Vice President and CIO Subra Sripada started on the same day two years ago, and met at the new-employee orientation.
Apart from basic cleansing, the shower is an emotional and experiential place for consumers--particularly for women, noted Srini Sripada, brand director, Unilever, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.
Less supervision/overprotection from parents is associated with earlier sexual activity and more risk behaviors, including nonprotected sex (Donoghue, 1992-93; Peterson, Sripada, & Barglow, 1982; Scaramella et al.
Balasad, India: Sripada Satabalekar Svadhyaya Mandal, (date?
By partnering with VIOPOINT and Modulo, we were able to leverage an ISO-based risk assessment to translate our high risk areas into a two year actionable plan - defining both strategic and tactical project-based initiatives," commented Subra Sripada, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Beaumont Health System, who continued by adding, "we are excited about being nationally recognized for excellence in our risk-based approach to protecting patient information.