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English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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Squeers (a jailbird in character, as we will find out) is positioned.
There never was a merchant seaman as evil Long John Silver or a schoolmaster as vicious as Wackford Squeers.
It was the era when Charles Dickens created Dotheboys Hall run by tyrannical headmaster Wackford Squeers in Nicholas Nickleby, a novel based on disturbing reality.
Then there was Mr Bailey, the English teacher who, inspired either by Wackford Squeers in Nicholas Nickleby or by test cricketer Colin Cowdrey, beat offenders with a full-size cricket bat.
In which novel by Charles Dickens does Wackford Squeers appear?
It looks rustic and charming and not at all as you imagine the nightmare flight that Nicholas and Smike took as they escaped from the sadistic Wackford Squeers.
Dickens and his illustrator Hablot Browne stayed at an inn, thought to be the Morrit Arms, whilst researching the novel In Dickens'' novel, it is the meeting point between Nicholas and Wackford Squeers.
We think of Oliver Twist asking for more, of Wackford Squeers exclaiming, "Here's richness for you
09-Oct-1875 to A Halliday Squeers 28-Oct-1875 (adap.
Charles Dickens alone gave us names like Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, Wackford Squeers and Uriah Heep, names of such tongue-twisting delight and influence that the practice endured throughout the twentieth century.
Rigaud is then effectively kept under house arrest as he remains under the surveillance of Cavalletto, just as Newman Noggs's observation of Squeers in the hope of finding Peg Sliderskew in Nicholas Nickleby leads to their undoing.
Squeers represents any one Yorkshire schoolmaster by proclaiming that he is "the representative of a class, and not of an individual.
Wackford Squeers is the schoolmaster in which novel by Dickens?
He sends young Nicholas off with a reference for a teaching position at Dotheboys School, run by the demented and sadistic Wackford Squeers.
There are a host of names in this enjoyable story, with Jim Broadbent as Wackford Squeers and Juliet Stevenson as his wife