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T-shaped cleaning implement with a rubber edge across the top

wipe with a squeegee

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I'm talking about those yobbos-cum-highwaymen called squeegies, who hang around traffic lights (especially in London) and start cleaning your windscreen with a sponge and some dirty water the moment a red light shows.
Despair, homelessness and starvation would make urban environments even more unbearable than do squeegie merchants and dealers in all sorts of goods, to whose activities we are getting accustomed.
The visitors to the Sea Life Centre last Sunday were not seeing 'fins' - that really was a journalist with a soggy notepad and squeegie in hand.
It was not a lot better this year, but the greenkeeping staff kept working wonders with their squeegies on the greens and somehow they kept play going.
Ray, who began selling window squeegies and door-to-door insurance for the Prudential, set up his own financial services business and retired on the proceeds, buying a home in Florida.
These items included 10 generators, 108 quarts motor oil, 52 large gas cans, 76 large squeegies, 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, 20 heavy duty brooms and 102 cans of flat tire fixer.
About once a month, the team pack their scuba gear, pick up their fluffy squeegies and plunge into the five-metre deep fish tank to begin their unusual cleaning operation in full view of the paying public.