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a centare is 1/100th of an are

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* Scent Receptors: Deer have about 50,000 scent-receptor cells per square millimeter, which is at least four times more than humans.
Thus, we chose to use the number of proliferating cells per square millimeter in the ROI as a substitute (No./ROI index).
Hole sizes range from 5 to 12 microns; hole density is up to 40,000 holes per square millimeter.
"The reason is that only about 6%-8% of these T1 tumors (1.0 mm) are ulcerated, but it is estimated that up to 30%-40% will have an elevated mitotic rate of 1.0 or more per square millimeter. This leaves us with a conundrum: Are all of these patients going to be eligible for sentinel lymph node biopsy?"
it thoroughly, then her other hand, then every square millimeter of
One gecko hair has a holding power of about 10 newtons per square millimeter. A newton is a unit of force.
An authentication system using a correlator that correlates an input with a reference wherein at least one of the input and reference comprises a phase volume mask having structures, preferably points, that are each less than about six microns in size and can have an aspect ratio (AR) greater than 1:1 so as to produce a phase encoded random pattern having millions of combinations in a mask that is as small as one square millimeter. The random pattern can be convolved with a second pattern, such as a biometric pattern, to produce a phase convolved mask.
Thus far they have demonstrated diamond-turned electroplated minors at 18 Joules per square centimeter for 100,000 shots on square millimeter scale.
The company's silicon micro scanner chips vibrate a single tiny (approximately one square millimeter) mirror suspended inside a small frame, at a very high frequency.
He manages nonetheless to seize moments of expressiveness, when his sitters appear full of life and every square millimeter of their faces seems to carry significance.
The possibility of covering the entire corneal surface using a 1 square millimeter limbal biopsy might also allow treatment of severe bilateral lesions, "provided that some limbal epithelium is preserved in one of the eyes," De Luca said.
Transilica's OneChip, the world's smallest fully integrated Bluetooth system-on-chip solution, combines all Bluetooth components including the RF transceiver, baseband modem, microprocessor, SRAM and flash memory into one eight square millimeter BGA chip.
Values obtained were expressed as phosphostimulated luminiscence (PSL) minus background (BG) per square millimeter of 2-[micro]m thick tissue sections [(PSL-BG)/[mm.sup.2]].