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a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number

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Observe that the transient phase is brief for all control schemes; the amplitude of the oscillation peaks is lower for the Sqrt, [f.sub.[chi]1], and [f.sub.[chi]2] controls compared to Atan and PD controls; and the steady-state force errors of the control [f.sub.[chi]2] are smaller than PD, Atan, Sqrt, and [f.sub.[chi]1] controls.
[V.sub.tg](s) = int [min (sqrt (2as + [V.sup.2.sub.z]), [V.sub.g])], (6)
Covariance analysis of sqrt (SL growth) versus sqrt (age) and sex indicated that the intercepts were not significantly different, and the male slope was significantly less than the female slope (Table 4).
SQRT (Dengue incidence) = 25.54 + 0.04 (Precipitation) - 7.92 (Mean Temp.) + 2.62 (Maximum Temp.) + 4.46
In Step 3, the BAPC-AR (SQRT) significantly increased the accounted variance to [R.sup.2] = .12, F(5, 90) = 2.45, p < .04 (F change = 9.96, p < .01).
Using the DP, P, T, SQRT and Flowtime from the AutoGRAPH, the AutoSCAN Poller will calculate and store volume and energy as records are retrieved, without operator intervention.
Comparison of Alternative Techniques (October 1998 Data) Comparison of Alternative Techniques (October 1998 Data) Unchanged Additional Changed NSNs Using Technique NSNs Full RBL/EBO Reduction Changes NSNs RCDL 67,477 2,844/101.2 35,113 SQRT RCDL 70,411 3,992/280.0 32,179 EBO (0.1) 71,826 4,504/27.3 30,764 NSNs Full RBL Would Technique Not Have Changed RCDL 20,998 SQRT RCDL 19,212 EBO (0.1) - Table 5.
Dose Dose Age Model transformation effect(a) effect 1 Identity Linear Quadratic 2 Identity Linear Spline 3 Identity Quadratic Spline 4 Log Linear Quadratic 5 Log Quadratic Quadratic 6 Log Quadratic Spline 7 Sqrt Linear Quadratic 8 Sqrt Quadratic Quadratic 9 Sqrt Quadratic Spline MSW Identity Quadratic Truncated
Suppose, however, we were to broaden our definition of functions so that the inverse of sqr, call it sqrt, is indeed a function.
When the preceding stimuli had been presented at a constant ISI there was, for each dependent variable, a significant increase in the SCR measures, compared to the preceding control interval, at both the time of stimulus omission and the time at which the stimulus was re-presented (omission window compared to pre-omission window: SQRT total SCR F(1,44) = 12.37, p = .001, MSE = 0.07; SQRT maximum SCR F(1,44) = 14.74, p = .0005, MSE = 0.05; number of SCR F(1,44) = 14.47, p = .0001, MSE = 0.30; pre-omission window compared to post-omission window: SQRT total SCR F(1,44) = 21.13, p = .0001, MSE = 0.07; SQRT maximum SCR F(1,44) = 24.17, p = .0001, MSE = 0.05; number of SCR F(1,44) = 20.04, p = .0001, MSE = 0.32).
Similarly, a while whose test contained an input-reading function caused them to consider the plan READ-PROCESS-LOOP and a sqrt passed a SUM-OF-SQUARES caused them to consider the plan DISTANCE-BETWEEN-POINTS.
The SQRT CSLA has been chosen for comparison with the proposed design as it has a more balanced delay, and requires lower power and area (V.antis data sheet, 1998, V.Betz et al.,1998).Then a Modified 16-b SQRT with Modified Area efficient CSLA is proposed to improve the performance of the adder, in our research work modified Mux based AOI approach in adder which efficiently reduce the routing architecture and shows improvement in optimizing PAR architecture through logical reduction and it is implemented in MAC.
Such variations undoubtedly introduced variability into the MIR spectra that was unrelated to the presence or absence of the analyte and contributed to the dispersion of predicted sqrt_TC, sqrt OC, sqrt IC and sqrt_TN values obtained for the national MIR/PLSR models (Figs 8 and 9).