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a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number

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Summary statistics calculated according to Eqns 5-13 for the MIR-PLSR models derived for square-root transformed total, organic and inorganic carbon (TC, OC, IC) and total nitrogen (TN) content data (sgrt_TC, sqrt OC, sgrt_IC and sgrt_TN, respectively) Only samples that gave a positive fizz test were used to generate the IC model.
All of sqrt, lookup, leastWRT, and GamePlayer are examples of functions more liberally defined; we call them specificational functions.
The F and p values for the electrodermal lability main effect were: SQRT maximum SCR F(1,22) = 5.
It then processes the arguments to the sqrt, specializing the multiplications to COMPUTE-SQUARES, and the addition to COMPUTE-SUM-OF-SQUARES.
Microstrip Unbalanced Stripline Differential Impedance Differential Impedance (for traces routed (for traces embedded on an outer layer) between planes) Zo = 87 / Sqrt (Er + 1.
The damping criterion is based on the relative magnitudes of the circuit resistance and sqrt (Ls/Cs) which determines the circuit's characteristic impedance (11).
Built-in functions range from elementary mathematical functions such as sqrt, log, and sin to more advanced matrix functions such as inv (for matrix inverse), qr (for orthogonal triangular decomposition), and eig (for eigenvalues and eigenvectors).
The example is the implementation of sqrt (the predefined square root function).
92 sqrt & sod tank 8000 It%s cap sump well of 15000 Hrs cap at stage It and 2"", pump house cum attendant qtr main storage tank 01 15000 It%s cap laying and jointing 01
real integer complex NEAREST ABS real integer complex NINT ACOS real complex PRECISION AIMAG complex RADIX AINT real complex RANGE ANINT real complex REAL ASIN real complex RRSPACING ATAN real complex SCALE ATAN2 real SETEXPONENT BTEST integer SIGN CEILING real complex SIN CMPLX real integer SINH CONJ complex SPACING COS real complex SQRT COSH real complex TAN DBLE real integer complex TANH DIGITS real integer complex TINY DIM real integer TO_FM DINT real complex TO_IM DOTPRODUCT real integer complex TO_ZM EPSILON real TO_INT EXP real complex TO_SP EXPONENT real TO_DP FLOOR real integer complex TO_SPZ FRACTION real complex TO_DPZ = real integer complex + real integer complex - real complex * real complex / real integer complex ** real integer .
The integer function root converts its integer argument to floating point, calls the library function sqrt, then converts the floating-point answer back to an integer.