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a unit of area equal to one yard by one yard square


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Plot no.36 in G-11 markaz measuring 3,733.3 3 sq yds was sold for Rs180,000 per sq yd and plot no.
Islamabad -- The local traders has called upon the CDA to issue notification of board tax @ Rs.60/per sq yds as was agreed in a meeting between the Director District Administration and the local business community to remove any confusion.
Strangely, the 500 sq yds open plot in Phase-VIII (D-Cutting) is now available at Rs18-20m as compared to Rs8m in 2008.
Outside there is a secure yard of approximately 520 sq yds with security fencing and double gates to Binns Close.
CONTEST NO 2: Five lucky winners will receive a Qualcast Lawnraker 30 electric scarifier worth nearly pounds 80, plus a 1kg pack of Phostrogen Rootbuild Lawn Food, enough to feed 288 sq yds, and a hose-connected Phostrogen Easy Feeder to take all the effort out of applying the feed.
Owners with a plot of 500 to 990 sq yds can construct basement, plus ground, plus five.
He said that 50000 plots of 120 sq yds with all civic facilities would be given to poor people of the province.
The premises being offered by Peter Bromwich & Company in association with Muntz Associates comprise a modern office and factory building with mezzanine storage totalling 4,270 sq ft (396.7 sq m) together with a parking area to the front and an open yard of some 920 sq yds to the rear.