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a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosions

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The fruits of Dienesch's laborious research appeared in his 2006 doctoral thesis, "Reach for the Sky Partner: The Development of Spy Satellites during the Eisenhower Administration.
After a series of satellite launches last week, the United States launched a second secret spy satellite Sunday.
The presence of foreign spy satellite in our space has not been detected during the last five years.
The Defense Ministry presumably has an interest in foreign spy satellites.
Besides its spy satellites, Israel also has a number of communications satellites in orbit.
Earlier US spy satellites were said to have detected signs that North Korea had restarted its main Yongbyon nuclear plant.
daily newspaper on Wednesday reported that the United States is using spy satellites that ordinarily are trained on adversaries to monitor the movements of the American-backed Iraqi army, in a step that reflects "breakdowns in trust and coordination between the two forces.
Spy satellites are usually guided back into various oceans so as not to cause any danger but officials have no control over this machine.
Spy satellites are normally disposed of through a controlled re-entry into the ocean so that access is restricted.
The Air Force wants more control over military and spy satellites and will urge lawmakers to unify all defense and intelligence space operations, a move that would reduce the role of the Army and Navy.
Japan decided to launch spy satellites after North Korea launched a Taepodong-1 ballistic missile in 1998, part of which flew over Japan into the Pacific Ocean.
These include the strange 'lobber' missile, spy satellites, night-attack systems and nuclear explosion detection devices.
Eros B complements two other operational Israeli spy satellites, Eros A and Ofek 5.
Each division includes sensibly ordered entries about everything from planetary exploration to spy satellites.
Last year, Japan launched its first spy satellites in a multi-billion dollar program aimed at monitoring North Korea's development of longrange missiles.