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REEL BEAUTY The spurdog is one of Scotland's staple sharks
18, 2014) (including "Harris Corporation: Gossamer, LongShip, BlackFin, BlackFin II, HawksBill, SpurDog, FishFinder, KingFish, StingRay, StingRay II, GSM Interrogator, CDMA Interrogator, iDEN Interrogator, UMTS Interrogator, FishHawk, Porpoise, FireFish, Tarpon, AmberJack, Harpoon, Moray, LanternEye, RayFish, StoneCrab"); U.S.
Stocks in EU waters of the North-East Atlantic that were not overexploited in 2012 were as follows: blue whiting (North-East Atlantic), cod (Celtic Sea, English Channel, Eastern Baltic), sole (Skagerrak, Kattegatt and Baltic Sea, Western English Channel, Southwest Ireland and Celtic Sea), haddock (North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegatt, Rockall, West of Scotland), herring (North Sea, West of Scotland, Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, Western Baltic, Bothnian Bay and Bothnian Sea), megrims (North Sea and West of Scotland), Norway lobster (Skagerrak and Kattegatt, North Sea, West of Scotland), plaice (North Sea), saithe (North Sea, West of Scotland), sprat (Baltic Sea), spurdog (all areas) and whiting (Celtic Sea).
During these two weeks, the countries will decide on the inclusion of eight shark species (oceanic whitetip, dusky, sandbar, spurdog, porbeagle and scalloped, smooth and great hammerheads) in CITES Appendix II.
Five threatened species - spurdog, smoothhound, tope, blue and porbeagle - are being tagged and released by fishermen.
[31.] Vyonke W Influence of biological and environmental factors on Nitogenous extractives of the spurdog Squalus acanthias .
These include restrictions on the use of bottom-set gillnets in the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel; an EU-wide 50 % reduction for spurdog catches, with a ban on targeted fishing; establishing catch limitations for some ray and skate stocks; separate cod TACs in the eastern English Channel for cod; a precautionary TAC of 200,000 tonnes for sandeel; a rollover of the 2008 quotas for anglerfish, Norway lobster, tusk, ling and blue ling; protection of juvenile blue ling.
Geographical variations in reproductive parameters of shortspine spurdog in the North Pacific.
Roughskin spiny dogfish (also referred to as Roughskin spurdog) Cirrhigaleus asper
Among the fascinating creatures of the deep you are likely to encounter are blue mouths, boar fish, conger eels, spider crabs, dogfish, lumpsuckers, giant crayfish, octopus, spurdog sharks and friendly rays.