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a bare floor polished for dancing

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Decades later, their daughter hit that same sprung floor on a Saturday night but this time the beat was more Duran Duran than Duke Ellington.
The distance between the cameras and the dancer performing the trials varied from approximately 3 m to 5 m, and the angle between cameras was either approximately 68[degrees] or 32[degrees], depending on whether the dancers were performing the trials on the hard floor or the sprung floor (Fig.
Given a sprung floor, I could still do a forward flip and roll.
The sessions will include use of the world class gymnastics facility including foam pit, trampoline, sprung floor and tumble track and will be instructed by fully qualified high performance coaches from the club.
The new sports hall will have two cricket nets as well as a spotting rig for the trampoline, a full size basketball court and a dance studio complete with a mirrored wall and sprung floor.
He told the crowd how he'd always wanted to play at the Barras and during the encore encouraged them to test out the venue's sprung floor by bouncing along to the infectious Chaka Demus.
The new performing arts centre includes a library, practice room, full recording studio and music and drama suite with sprung floor and state-of-the-art lighting and sound facilities which is also available for local community groups.
The Facility is applying and testing these in a building project, including a sprung floor fitted with heel-strike generations to harvest the energy from people walking across it.
Monday was the night for plenty of rock'n'roll and, with the sprung floor, you couldn't help but get the rhythm.
The hall's unique sprung floor has made the venue a draw for dance enthusiasts over the years.
The facility offers 60 by 80 feet of floor space, 31-foot-high ceilings, a new sprung floor with a removable marley surface, a new sound system and dressing rooms.
I did a musical number with lots of jumps on a tour stop without a sprung floor.
We are striving to put Teesside on the map for sporting achievements and a sprung floor that absorbs shocks to give a softer feel will help them reach their full potential as young athletes.
We are currently trying to raise enough funds to purchase a sprung floor for our gymnasts to train on.
THE City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club has an out-of-date sprung floor which means its elite athletes aren't able to practice on modern equipment.