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any of numerous minute wingless primitive insects possessing a special abdominal appendage that allows the characteristic nearly perpetual springing pattern

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They also found that the springtail Folsomia Candida showed avoidance and high mortality rates in unamended bauxite residue and preferential movement towards amended and revegetated treatments, where it exhibited low mortality rates.
These black carp consumed taxa not previously reported (Table 1), including freshwater sponges, water mites, three groups of worms (Phyla Nemertea, Nematoda, and Annelida in Class Hirudinea), beetles, springtails, blackfly larvae, and Lepidoptera larvae.
Only four springtails had been recorded in this Brazilian state until now: Isotomurus palustris Costa, 1961 (Isotomidae), Temeritas caatingae Arle and Oliveira, 1977 (Sminthuridae), Brachystomella agrosa Mendonca and Arle, 1992 (Brachystomellidae), and Dicranocentrus heloisae Arle and Mendonca, 1982 (Entomobryidae) (Culik and Zeppelini-Filho, 2003; Abrantes et al., 2010).
Gluing the "unwettable": soil-dwelling harvestmen use viscoelastic fluids for capturing springtails. Journal of Experimental Biology 217:3535-3544.
The impact of altered precipitation on spatial stratification and activity-densities of springtails (Collembola) and spiders (Araneae).
Microorganisms evaluated as "life" in soils include vast array of bacteria, fungi, algae actinomycetes, virus, protozoa, plants and fauna such as nematodes, springtails, mites, earthworms and insects.
Bedano J, Cantu M, Doucet M (2006) Soil springtails (Hexapoda: Collembola), Symphylans and Pauropods (Arthropoda: Myriapoda) under differents management systems in agroecosystems of the subhumid Pampa (Argentina).
Given the common use of plaster of Paris (often augmented with activated powdered charcoal) as a substrate for artificial nests in laboratory studies of ants, springtails, and other arthropods, we tested the efficacy of artificial nest traps constructed out of plaster (Ant-Coops) with and without activated powdered charcoal.
Springtails, which are also detritivores, have a similarly rapid response with population peak (GATIBONI et al., 2009).
Status assessment survey for springtails (Collembola) in Illinois caves: the Salem Plateau.
Try to wrap your head around these numbers: In one cubic meter of temperate climate topsoil you're likely to find more than 10 trillion bacteria; 100 billion fungi; 100 million algae; 1 million nematodes; 10,000 springtails, mites, and millipedes; along with fly and beetle larvae; earthworms; spiders; and lice.
The ancient sperm fossils predate the previous record holders--amber-preserved sperm from tiny insects called springtails and petrified sperm from mussel shrimps--by at least 10 million years.
"Amongst the ice and rocks there are a massive number of species: in the sea, things like sea spiders, corals, worms and so on, and on land, springtails, mites, mosses and fungi.