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a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others

an informal term referring to the eye

an animal that makes short high-pitched sounds

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As spring arrives in Rock Creek Park, the mating chorus of wood frogs, spring peepers, and American toads can be heard calling from the temporary pools along the park's northern floodplain (near Boundary Bridge)," Yeaman says.
For example, although spring peepers bred slightly later than spotted salamanders, spring peeper metamorphs emerged before spotted salamanders due to differences in the length of the larval period (Table 2).
Sample size for each treatment was as follows: early spring peepers [control (C) = 111, low (L) = 112, medium (M) = 101, high (H) = 106], late spring peepers (C = 14, L = 20, M = 21, H = 19), early American toads (C = 30, L = 27, M = 30, H = 30), late American toads (C = 6, L = 7, M = 7, H = 7), early green frogs (C = 15, L = 15, M = 15, H = 15), late green frogs (C = 15, L = 15, M = 15, H = 15), late wood frogs (C = 8, L= 10, M= 10, H = 10).
The second most common species at IIA was the spring peeper (Pseudacris crucifer, ISUVC #4021).
Organochlorine pesticide residues in southern Ontario spring peepers.
On hand will be a froglet and toadlet nursery, frozen frogs like spring peepers and gray tree frogs, which are known to spend the winter with more than half of their bodies frozen as ice, and more than 100 frogs and toads from twenty different species form around the world.
When I think about a night camped along the Dirty Devil River in Utah a few years ago, I remember most vividly the cries of a mountain lion drifting ghostlike down the canyon from somewhere in the distance, and it is the memory of the passionate trilling of spring peepers echoing off the redrock walls of the Upper Paria River Gorge of Utah a few weeks ago that gives the experience its essential reality for me.
By 50*F, the inconspicuous spring peepers and wood frogs are calling around the pond and temporary woodland pools.
Maybe it's the smell of rain-washed soil, the sounds of spring peepers (or other frogs), or the twitter of bats.
Tiny tree frogs called spring peepers (7) will spend winter under leaves on the forest floor.
In this study I focus on two species, chorus frogs (Pseudacris triseriata) and spring peepers (P.
Then it fell silent in the dark, as the spring peepers began strongly singing down at the pond with a ringing noise incongruously like sleigh bells.
With time and a little patience, lilac flowers will burst from their tightly-sheathed buds, brightly colored wood warblers will dart between dappled sunflecks in the trees, and the ringing chorus of spring peepers will greet us in the lengthening hours of dusk.
This week, I'm looking at spring peepers, wood frogs and spotted salamanders.
However, we are assured that we made the correct decision when we sit and simply listen to the owls, the spring peepers, the hummingbirds, and the menagerie of other wildlife.