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a screen-oriented interactive program enabling a user to lay out financial data on the screen

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Based on these parameters, I developed a workflow that would take a new title report from the ILS, edit it in a spreadsheet program, and post the records on Twitter, a free microblogging service that generates an RSS feed for its users.
Yet something more than transaction processing and spreadsheet programs are needed to truly increase the productivity of today's behavioral healthcare practitioners.
Stevens said that he has documented several instances in which the popular spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel returns wrong answers.
While data collection techniques become more complex for older children, spreadsheet programs are powerful and versatile enough to aid the most sophisticated student researchers.
The resulting programs include an Internet safety application featuring Shaquille O'Neal, word processing and spreadsheet programs, as well as digital arts activities.
The included HazComm Software lets the user download data from the EPAM-5000 to a PC and easily export the data into spreadsheet programs.
New features include the ability to set hourly loan periods; renewing items by barcode number; spell-checking of text entered in the Easy Entry or MARC Entry screens and while searching the online catalog; extracting patron or catalog data along with current or statistical circulation data; enhanced searches that can limit quick, advanced or visual searches to reading program levels and point values; specifying a search term range to better limit results; and printing reports to a tab-delimited text file that can be viewed and modified in most word processing and spreadsheet programs.
Data can be sent to computer spreadsheet programs for further analysis.
It is also easily interfaced with popular spreadsheet programs
The new product is said to be easily interfaced with popular spreadsheet programs, permitting complete data analysis, plotting, and storage.
The Mako also comes with the usual organizer programs and writing and spreadsheet programs, Web browsing, and even a relational database.
Spreadsheet programs such as Clarisworks, Excel, and Quatro Pro are part of integrated packages such as Clarisworks, Microsoft Office, or Word Perfect.
The Report produces a readable journal file that can be imported into spreadsheet programs.
Excel 2000 is used here to illustrate these concepts, but the process is similar in all spreadsheet programs.
The widespread availability of desktop spreadsheet programs can put the power of simulation in the hands of virtually any risk manager.