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It is worth noting, though, that despite her protests against an imposed and unpredictable fate, her tedious task of entertaining unsuccessful suitors is only temporary by the laws of probability, while the spouseless situations of the losing courtiers are supposedly permanent by their own oaths to honor the conditions of the lottery.
Having little property right and being treated essentially as a form of property to be exchanged for material goods between families, women in the polygamy system of sub-Saharan countries have much lower status than men and are especially vulnerable when they become spouseless or childless.
Which brings us to Royal Ascot - ironically enough held at York - when our man's offspring was blackballed in advance from the Royal Enclosure, leaving dad to attend spouseless and watch other racegoers carrying around urchins who had clearly slipped under the on-course radar.
Kristal, Orit, 1991, Poverty among Spouseless Women, 1980-1989, Jerusalem: National Insurance Institute, Research and Planning Administration, Study No.
In their study of married and spouseless men and women in two planned retirement communities, it was found that spouseless men had the smallest circle of primary relations.