domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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Eleven state statutes create a presumption against awarding a spousal abuser custody of the child.
Last week, Los Angeles County supervisors took steps to improve that system by unanimously approving a motion authorizing the District Attorney's Office to accept grants to fund a Spousal Abuser Prosecution Program.
Not only of sign-stealers and spitballers but also of racists and Ku Klux Klan members, Prohibition-era alcoholics, cocaine users, amphetamine users, spousal abusers and sex addicts.
The Hands Down workbook is presented as a self-help guide for spousal abusers to deal with the effects of their abusive behavior.
Basing his analysis on his experience working with male spousal abusers and information gained from interviews with 31 wife murderers (all imprisoned in Massachusetts), as well as 39 victim survivors, Adams (a licensed psychologist who is also director of the National Domestic Violence Danger Assessment Training Project) aims to identify common characteristics in male spousal homicide perpetrators and incidents.
With an endless and increasing supply of bad guys - gangs, thugs, spousal abusers, drug dealers, identity thieves and carjackers - it is amazing that some elected officials are happy to have an understaffed supply of good guys.
Senator Lautenberg wrote laws to ban smoking in airplanes, take guns away from spousal abusers and increase the minimum drinking age to 21, enabling our country to save thousands of lives over the past dozen years.
Deputy District Attorney Gilbert Romero, who prosecuted the case, was unaware of the fire but said that punishing spousal abusers does not always solve the problem.