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a market in which a commodity is bought or sold for immediate delivery or delivery in the very near future

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Data furnished to Manila Bulletin show that aside from TOCOM and NASDAQ though, most of the power spot markets and stock exchanges worldwide still thrive separately on their classified functions.
In particular, the energy spot markets of the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium are under EPEX Spot or APX Group; while their stock exchanges are the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam and Brussels Stock Exchange, respectively.
We believe the Spot Spread has the potential to create an even stronger link between the world's two largest pools of precious metals liquidity, namely benchmark COMEX Gold and Silver futures and the London spot markets.
6 May 2014 -- US-based exchange and clearing house network IntercontinentalExchange Group (NYSE: ICE) said that it has completed the transition of the ICE Endex Dutch and Belgian natural gas spot markets and the Dutch gas storage market to the ICE trading platform.
According to QNB Group, this should keep the proportion of production sold on spot markets at around 16 percent or lower.
This article examines empirically the impact of futures on spot market volatility in India.
Ultimately, the widgets would be sold in the spot market in December, when the widget futures contract would be liquidated.
But it's true that a sort of blind faith in markets--academic blind faith in the spot market, to be more precise--helped turn the lights out in California.
A trading centre able to reflect the fundamentals of the Asian crude oil market adequately must be located in the heart of Asia and must begin with a spot market for physical crude oil - or wet oil.
Information technology has reduced the costs of putting together spot markets, which resemble a stock exchange where suppliers and even manufacturers with surpluses trade goods all over the world in a freewheeling, frequently electronic, environment.
Colmenares said that Congress can't suspend or abolish the spot markets for electricity, so MalacaAaAaAeA~ang should be the one to suspend their operati as it did with the Visayas spot market.
This new enhancement - called the OPIS "Spot Replacement Index" or "SRI" - links local rack markets to bulk spot markets by capturing the "OPIS Spot Mean" daily by product.
spot markets in that it brings three years operating experience of similar spot market and physical notification services in North America.
Multi-staging functionality allows users to post shipments that include both pre-assigned and spot markets.