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the current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market


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This showed a marked decline compared to the final effective settlement spot price of P4.
However, the downward effect of the feed-in of wind-generated electricity on spot prices and the upward effect on price volatility are limited by the possibility of exporting part of the surplus wind power to Germany's neighbours (including France).
171 (m) specifies how the average spot price for ANS at
The average spot price is based on about 10 per cent of the nation's purchases of the super-chilled fuel.
Sato said Chubu's first with an indexation to spot price, the milestone deal, will see Japan's second-leading LNG buyer import volume from the French company's portfolio between January 2015 and March 2017 on a DES basis.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 19, 2014-North Bay Resources announces sale of specimen gold at prices up to 50% above spot price from Ruby Mine
According to Mr Ishizaki, the previous situation had helped to push spot prices for LNG to above $20/m BTUs across Asia in early March, as North Asian buyers had stock-piled the fuel after a cold winter amid supply disruptions, notably in Angola.
The intra-day rate for offshore yuan (CNH) moved to erase a brief gap that opened up over the last two days, returning to trade near the spot price at 6.
The European market is likely to continue to face some price pressure as a result of slowing demand growth and, therefore, a relatively weak spot price performance.
Behind Nanya's recession were anemic DRAM spot prices and moderate surge of contract prices.
It is not fair or accurate to compare long-term contracts such as Seneca or our wind projects to wholesale spot prices on a given day or even over a given year.
T he new quarterly pricing system for iron ore is likely to face a stern test over the next few months if spot prices fall beneath contract prices as is widely antici- pated.
Summary: Spot prices to ease to an average of US$120/t in 3Q and FOB prices to average US$111/t for Australia and US$103/t for Brazil
If they succeed in getting such parity, which is unlikely, then the spot price of natural gas in Europe could average up to a $13-14/m BTU range, three times the current UK and US spot prices.
The fears investors had for Statoil's earnings due to decreasing spot prices of gas are exaggerated, given Statoil's low sensitivity to spot prices, according to the broker.