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2 M sorbitol which reduced cytolysis of sphaeroplasts, and Tween 20[R] to reduce sporangiospore clumping.
Microscopic techniques were used to determine whether or not sporangiospore cell walls were being degraded with the release of sphaeroplasts as a result of enzyme treatments.
Huffman modulated interference contrast microscopy shows the outlines of empty sporangiospore cell walls as distinct from intact spores (Fig.
Because of the high proportion of lysed spores, we conclude that the mode of action is appropriate for the composition of the sporangiospore cell wall and speculate that the sporangiospore wall is comprised of, at least in large part, chitin and chitosan.
This study was undertaken to develop a technique that could provide sphaeroplasts from sporangiospores of the zygomycete, Pilobolus.
Multiple enzyme treatments were attempted both with germinated and ungerminated sporangiospores.
Germinated sporangiospores were produced by introducing 8-10 sporangia from a Petri dish lid into a solution of 50% SHM and 50% water and incubating the spores at 37[degrees]C for 24 h and then at room temperature for 24 h.
Ungerminated sporangiospores were used to produce sphaeroplasts by introducing 8-10 sporangia, collected from a Petri dish lid, to a 1.