spontaneous combustion

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ignition of a substance (as oily rags) resulting from an internal oxidation process

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"Furniture and bedding don't spontaneously combust," Leo said.
In both cases, the cal-hypo was stowed below deck, adjacent to bunker tanks that caused the chemical to become heated and spontaneously combust. Asserting that only the shipper knew this characteristic--at the time of the casualties--the plaintiffs sought to impose liability on the shipper for the losses that followed.
Although there were similar riots in France in the 1980s and 1990s, this time there is an ominous sense that the numbers of disaffected Muslims in Europe may be reaching a critical mass where initially unrelated explosions of violence could spontaneously combust into a full-blown movement.
I would also remind the author that when the shrill environmental books were written, the Delaware River would spontaneously combust, and Denver had worse air quality than Los Angeles.
Tires can spontaneously combust, releasing toxins into the air, or become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rodents.
Oh, they know how to surf for the best deal on Ginzu knives and download pictures that'll cause your socks to spontaneously combust, just like everybody else.
SOME years later, after I had left for secondary school, the coal waste beneath Ynysowen would spontaneously combust, deep underground; it took upwards of a year, much drilling and thousands of gallons of water pumped at pressure beneath the surface in order to make it safe.
It had everything: politics, candy, a custom Valentino dress, and the stubborn refusal of "normals" to become a Kimmel punchline, as they instead showed the world the correct way to ogle at the glowing, chemically peeled visage of Nicole Kidman, which is to say that they gazed at her through phone screens attached to a selfie trident so as not to spontaneously combust.
Design flaws on the handset caused several handsets to spontaneously combust on a global scale.
Perhaps as an homage to his father's 'Firestarter,' Joe Hill creates a world where people are infected by a plague that causes the afflicted to spontaneously combust (would you rather be a flesh-eating zombie or a human fireball?).
A plague known as Dragon Scale causes humans to spontaneously combust as group of victims battle for survival.
We learn about rocks that spontaneously combust the mystery of birds that burst into flames midflight and how in India, rail commuters were astonished when a male macaque got an electric shock and his mate brought him round.
Why would he when he has elves to build this stuff for him?So they approach the writing of the list as a ritualistic test of endurance, flicking through catalogues so fast and furiously it's a wonder half the pages don't spontaneously combust.
The likes of Colin Montgomerie, who whinges on hearing a butterfly break wind half-a-mile away during his backswing, would spontaneously combust such is the overall raucousnature and boisterousness that prevails.
"Buses do not just spontaneously combust," Deputy Chief Sullivan said.