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Synonyms for sponsor



Synonyms for sponsor

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

to act as a patron to

Synonyms for sponsor

an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc

assume sponsorship of

assume responsibility for or leadership of

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If the event sponsorship money is used, the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau can request a budget amendment to replenish the event sponsorship fund with money from the 1/11th event sponsorship reserve fund.
Japan, whose capital city Tokyo did win the IOC's vote to host the 2020 Games, did pay the sponsorship money, says transcripts obtained by the commission.
Prizes were also given to the top three walkers, who collected the most sponsorship money.
For information on returning sponsorship money, or to make a donation, visit www.raceforlife.org
It is said to have filed a formal complaint ahead of Tuesday's deadline, alleging the American and others defrauded the US Postal Service by failing to adhere to cycling's doping regulations while receiving sponsorship money.
Last year, a third of the women who took part in Race for Life didn't return any sponsorship money.
Registration is pounds 5 per dog with each owner being asked to raise a minimum of pounds 40 per dog sponsorship money. A certificate and goody bag will be given for each dog at the end of the walk.
Keiran Boyes, 19, of Redland Avenue, Newcastle, was arrested on March 9 after calling at a house in Jesmond under the pretence of collecting sponsorship money for a children''s charity.
SMILES all round as Chepstow's Welsh National winner Le Beau Bai keeps some of Coral's sponsorship money in the trade.
Registration is pounds 10 per person and all sponsorship money goes to the Grace Research Fund which funds research into the causes of premature births.
A lack of sponsorship money has resulted in work grinding to a halt, delays in last month's payroll and several members of the workforce quitting, leaving just 60 on hand.
This means that the sponsorship money you raise will go directly to the Acorns Hospice and Help a Local Child.
Jackson continues to try to raise sponsorship money for Lester.
"The sponsorship money was effectively spent in promoting the concert on television and in newspapers and a great deal of time and energy went into it.
This is the PBS Sponsorship Group's second anniversary, and the pubcaster's national marketing arm scored impressive gains with corporate sponsorship money rising 30% to $18.3 million.