Spondias mombin

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tropical American tree having edible yellow fruit

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Leaves of bamboo, unripe pineapple, leaves of Spondias mombin and leaves of Portulaca oleraceae are put together in a pot, trona (kaun -Yoruba) is also added and the mixture is then boiled with water for about 35 minutes.
This barrier is thought to be the cause of Spondias mombin seed dormancy (CARVALHO; ALVES, 2008).
Spondias mombin has globose, oblong, ellipsoid, and oblongovoid to obovoid fruits (Fig.
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Species Source of data Total of records Drosophila suzukii UACh-CRUCO (1) 150 CESAVEMICH (2) 1,306 CESAVEJAL (3) 107 CESAVECOL (4) 81 CESAVEG (5) 34 Rubus adenotrichos UACh-CRUCO 30 GBIF 71 Spondias mombin UACh-CRUCO 14 GBIF 309 P.
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