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Spondias--In the Northeastern region of Brazil, studies have been carried out to reduce the size of the caja trees (Spondias mombin var.
Leaves of bamboo, unripe pineapple, leaves of Spondias mombin and leaves of Portulaca oleraceae are put together in a pot, trona (kaun -Yoruba) is also added and the mixture is then boiled with water for about 35 minutes.
This barrier is thought to be the cause of Spondias mombin seed dormancy (CARVALHO; ALVES, 2008).
(1994) Frugivory and dispersal of Spondias purpurea (Anacardiaceae) in a tropical dry forest of Mexico.
Os frutos da especie Spondias tuberosa (Umbu) e o mais apreciado pelos produtores rurais dos locais estudados, para consumo humano e animal.
Spondioideae fruits may possess four or five discrete layers (e.g., Pleiogynium, Spondias).
Badejo, "Efficacy of fresh leaf extracts of Spondias mombin against some clinical bacterial isolates from typhoid patients," Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease, vol.
Animals in the healthy control, diabetic control, and glibenclamide-treated groups overlap with another article titled "Antihyperglycaemic, Antihyperlipidaemic and [beta] Cell Regenerative Effects of Spondias pinnata (Linn.
The caja-manga (Spondias dulcis) belongs to the Anacardiaceae family, is native of the Society Islands in Polynesia, has a sui generis flavour and a high nutritional value, and is rich in vitamins A and B, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, essential nutrients for a healthy lifetime [5-7].
Although plants from 15 different families were evident (indirect evidence such as claw marks) to be used by sun bear (Table 2), analysis of sun bear's scat samples collected during the study period revealed the presence of plants items in form of seeds, twigs, and leaves remains of plant species belonging to 10 different species namely Spondias axillaris, Horsefieldia amygdalina, Ficus sp., Alangium chinense, Polyalthia simiarum, Acorus calamus, Elaeocarpus serrata, Medinillaru bicunda, Actinodaphne obovata and Micromelum pubescens.
La ciruela mexicana (Spondias purpurea L.) es una especie semi-domesticada, con niveles incipientes o intermedios de domesticacion en la region Mesoamericana (Miller y Knouft, 2006; Ruenes-Morales et al, 2010) en la que las poblaciones cultivadas presentan una gran similitud genetica con las poblaciones silvestres (Miller y Schaal, 2006).