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a word that is spoken aloud


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Festival organiser Jim Simpson said: "Over the last few years, interest in spoken word poetry has been steadily growing in Birmingham.
THE GHOST SONG - THE DOORS A masterpiece of Jim Morrison's spoken word poetry.
Activities include film screenings, lectures and panel discussions, a Song Night, a Spoken Word poetry evening and a Free Your Mind comedy event, all focusing on the art of photography.
Teacher and student interviews along with class observations provide insight into how the teacher and students viewed spoken word poetry and identity.
Of course, there also are significant differences between poetry appearing in print and spoken word poetry, and between silent reading and reciting and, more-so, listening to its recitation.
Liza Garza performed her spoken word poetry with her child clinging to her back, demonstrating that very link.
Graffiti Artist Mohammed Ali who is appearing at the Birmingham Rep in Writing on the Wall an exciting performance of spoken word poetry and street art
Osorio feels that her spoken word poetry is connecting with people.
The beauty of Ms Sharp's music - mostly instrumental, but occasionally with spoken word poetry - is that it has created a variety of musical and artistic collaborations.
The essence of a slam poem is emotional punch; the generation of authentic, personal experience laid bare as spoken word poetry.
In his class, we read and scrutinized spoken word poetry as well as listened to spoken word artists perform their poetry for our class.
Arguably, rap music represents a form of spoken word poetry to which many youngsters respond favorably (Corbin & Pruitt, 1999).
This exceptional audio about an exceptional man of letters won the 2002 Spoken Word Poetry Award.
In addition to topic-specific discussions, participants will attend practical workshops on self-expression including public speaking, documentary film-making, leadership, and spoken word poetry.