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a word that is spoken aloud


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dissertation on contemporary spoken word performance in Canada.
Josie, known for her work with Big Hard Excellent Fish, was famous for her spoken word performance on 1989 track Imperfect List, which listed her pet hates and reflected political and social ills of the time.
Poet, author and activist Andrea Gibson, joined by musician Holly Miranda, will give a spoken word performance Saturday at the WOW Hall.
Local author - and writer of Apples, and Ten Storey Love Song - RICHARD MILWARD, right, will then give a musical spoken word performance of exerpts from his two novels.
Change has a spoken word performance by his mum, who takes on the role of a woman driving to collect her son from jail, with James playing the son.
Josephine have a more experimental take on spoken word performance than your average word-spitter.
A good club song is the interesting I Don't Speak Spanish (But I Understand Everything When I'm Dancing) with Denise Cook on the spoken word performance that reminds me of Felipe Luciano.
Boys Like Her is a collection of spoken word performance pieces written by the Canadian collective Taste This, a group which includes the incredibly talented Anna Camilleri, Ivan E.
Syndrome, which will be based at 24 Kitchen Street, off Jamaica Street in the Baltic Quarter, aims to explore where audiovisual art, theatre and spoken word performance meet.
Spoken word performance is a style of literature that creates a communal resource.
THE former Black Flag frontman's spoken word performance was a riveting mixture of stand-up comedy, political observation and anecdotes from his constant travels around the planet.
NORTHERN Soul-inspired SKINT & DEMORALISED, who arrive in the area tonight, is a fusion of spoken word performance poetry and Northern Soul grooves that stems from a musical collaboration between 20-year-old Wakefield wordsmith Matt Abbott (pictured left) and mysterious Sheffield songwriter/producer MiNI dOG.
We have four houses, so each house will be putting on a musical, drama, dance and spoken word performance.
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton went down in the history books as the first president's wife to win a Grammy for her spoken word performance of her book ``It Takes A Village.