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htm) Read: Angelina Jolie a 'Minimally Talented Spoiled Brat,' Producer Scott Rudin Says in Leaked Sony Pictures Emails
When you've been told your entire life that you are fat and ugly and that you are a spoiled brat, you start to play along with it and believe it," the Sun quoted her as saying.
Personally, I reject the notion that she's being an irresponsible, spoiled brat.
Dear Miriam UNLESS I can persuad my boyfriend to accept that his nine-year-old daughter is a spoiled brat, our relationship is doomed.
This little madam is a spoiled brat with too much money and even less sense.
Well, we have had enough, and the spoiled brat is going to face the consequences.
Rudin, who produced Jolie's husband Brad Pitt's "Moneyball," called the philanthropist a "minimally talented spoiled brat.
London, Sep 09 (ANI): Katie Holmes insists that her daughter Suri is no spoiled brat and has duties and responsibilities just like any other child.
In short I reckon he is a spoiled brat and they are right to hit him where it hurts - in the pocket.
King George II, the petulant, spoiled brat occupying the White House, makes it clear daily that nothing can assuage his appetite for war.
Shepherd and Robson must act decisively to rid the club of this spoiled brat.
And, a little like the famous film starring Julie Andrews, she has to battle marital strife and look after a spoiled brat.
Writing in his new book, Waugh said: "I suppose Nasser has a reputation of being a spoiled brat.
The knee-jerk reaction of a spoiled brat with ideas above his station.