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Status of insecticide resistance in tobacco caterpilar Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) in Tamil Nadu.
In order to select a virulent isolate, crude preparations of vip3A protein was obtained from 10 isolates and analysed for toxicity against second instar larvae of Spodoptera litura as our target was this difficult pest.
Thus, considering that the pre- and oviposition periods of unfertilized females of Spodoptera may be expanded, thus decreasing fecundity (Kehat and Gordon, 1975; Ellis and Steele, 1982; Rogers and Marti Junior, 1997; Montezano et al.
Azaridachtin potentiates the action of ecdyteroid against RH-2485 in Spodoptera littoralis.
Spodoptera cosmioides, previously considered a synonym of the North and Central American species Spodoptera latifascia (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), is now known to be a separate species restricted to South America (Silvain & Lalanne-Cassou 1997) threatening more than 24 species of crop plants (Cabezas et al.
Nuclearpolyhedrosis virus, Flubendiamide, Spodoptera litura, Cauliflower.
Molecular variability of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) populations associated to maize and cotton crops in Brazil.
One of the most harmful pests which cause a great damage to several crops is the cotton leaf-worm Spodoptera Littoris (Boisd.
Bermicia tabaci) a base de tabaco (Nicotiana tabacum) en mosca blanca y Spodoptera sp en tomate; donde ninguno de los tratamientos ejercio control de mosca blanca; aunque se observo menor poblacion en plantas aplicadas con neem con mayor productividad e, incluso, protegio de larvas perforadoras del fruto y de enfermedades.