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  • verb

Synonyms for splosh

make a splashing sound

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walk through mud or mire

cause (a liquid) to spatter about, especially with force

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Before long we were stippling, rag rolling and dragging with wild abandon, mixing techniques and colours - and even sploshing paint onto the paper table cover.
My mother's yummy decorator is in situ, doing a grand job sploshing emulsion over the damp bits and we have chosen some carpets which should come by next week.
There follows several days of croaking, sploshing and merriment.
But sploshing past the soggy sandbags lining its busy grey banks, veering erratically around tight knots of long legged girls in tell tale black tights - some of the hundreds who keep visitors like me entertained nightly with their exhausting traditional floor dances - I began to feel grateful.
MERSEYSIDERS are sploshing their way through an average of more than 100,000 litres of water a year - that's the equivalent of 317 pints or 150 litres per person per day.
The bullocks will be guaranteed to be sploshing around in the fountain of water admiring their handiwork, rather like bovine hooligans waiting for the emergency services to arrive.
It was good to firm when they collected first time at Ludlow' it was sploshing soft at Sandown.
When I no longer heard sploshing noises, I poked my head out into the open.
Carnival Town showed that a soggy surface held no fears when sploshing home at Chepstow last time, scoring by 14 lengths from 6-5 favourite Tank Top.
Going is the biggest governing factor in what wins a race, so don't expect something that likes it like the hard shoulder of the M5 to enjoy sploshing around in newt and tadpole conditions.
Actually, the waiter often does this for you - the sploshing that is - when he delivers the basket of bread.
Cameron is struggling desperately to take his team down a class or two because he recognises that gallons of blue blood sploshing about on his front benches is electoral poison.
They are bound to enjoy sploshing about in it, something Diana would have delighted in.
We've found the best rubber boots to keep you sploshing about in style this winter.
An added complication is that there are huge numbers of "good ground" horses who were sploshing about like moorhens last winter and thus never showed their true form.