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a worker who splits fish and removes the backbone

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a taxonomist who classifies organisms into many groups on the basis of relatively minor characteristics



a laborer who splits logs to build split-rail fences

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Optical distribution cabinet (ors-80) with two splitters 1x32 and one splitter 1x16- 2 pcs.
Chalk one up for the splitters. Jeanloz acknowledges that these conclusions are controversial because the densities differ by only a few percent, keeping alive the debate over the lower mantle's composition.
Optical distribution cabinet (orsh-48) with one splitter 1x32 and one splitter1x16 - 6 pcs.
The HDMI 1.4 Splitter from Sewell Direct (http://sewelldirect.com/HDMI-1-4-Splitter-2-port.asp) gives you all the latest HDMI 1.4 functionality in a splitter.
Together with an expanded Messai'eed oil refinery running at 137,000 b/d, a 292,000 b/d condensate splitter is to be built at Ras Laffan in the north of the country which will be fed by Qatar's two sets of LNG ventures - QatarGas and RasGas.
The 16:1 multichannel splitter has the following dimensions: 0.32 m wide, 0.6 m long and 1.20 m high, consisting in the assembly of four small splitters, one below the other, from the discharge hopper of the device (Figure 1B).
(NASDAQ:CLFD), the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, has announced an enhancement to the WaveSmart[R] Ruggedized Splitter that dramatically reduces the space needed for deployment, the company said.
According to the market review and forecast report, the worldwide consumption volume (quantity) of PLC component-level (bare-fiber) splitters reached an estimated 32.796 million units in 2017.
Another technique and the approach my wife uses to split is a hydraulic Northern Tool manual log splitter for more/less $200.
In mid-2009, QP and its partners launched a project to double the Ras Laffan condensate splitter's capacity to 292,000 b/d.
ETL has designed new functionality and increased benefits into a series of advanced products, including its StingRay RF over Fibre and Dextra splitters and combiners.
Now, as US oil output reverses its five-year rise and after lawmakers ended the 40-year-old export ban this month, oil executives and analysts question the wisdom of nearly $1 billion worth of so-called condensate splitters built over the past year, and the future of another $1.2 billion planned.
Relatively new are high-speed units that rely on mechanical advantage and inertia to split logs, with a cycle time that's significantly faster than that of most hydraulic splitters. Currently available in rating equivalents up to about 35 tons, options include the DR Power RapidFire and the Super Split.
Essentially composed of point-to-multipoint fiber conducted through unpowered splitters, POLs are telecommunications networks that enable enterprises to simultaneously converge multiple services such as data, VOIP, video, building security and management services and wireless devices.
ETL Systems' Dextra Splitters and Combiners A new range of web-enabled professional splitters and combiners to cover the L-band frequency range will be available to view at NAB SHOW for the first time.