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a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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f]) can be further introduced to utilize (11b) quartic spline curve equation to solve the problem
0]) can be further added to obtain the reference trajectory and ensure the continuity of control command by solving (11c), which is a quintic spline curve equation
Moreover, the representation of the antenna geometry by means of spline curves provides two main advantages.
The final form of the equation of the arc of curve belonging to the plane spline curve [c.
If the trajectory, which must be travelled, is given by discrete points (loops), determined by measuring, one possibility is by interpolation of spline curves.
In order to reduce the stress level, the knuckle region is of variable thickness can be obtained in spline curve method and tangent method.
Flexible cam profile synthesis method using smoothing spline curves.
They cover polynomials, Bezier curves, rational Bezier curves B-splines, approximation, spline curves, multivariate splines, surfaces and solids, and finite elements.
The digitized points have been joined together using spline curves computed by a commercial CAD software and the length of each curve has been pointed out.
0 are editing features like the "Join" function, which connects line segments, bezier curves, and spline curves.
Overall for total and cardiovascular mortality, the spline curves are roughly linear, consistent with the absence of a threshold.
Han [4] defined a class of piecewise quartic spline curves with three local shape parameters.
Using the points of the spline curves, was followed the contour of the pictures, trying to adjust the spline in such way that it will take the form of the model.
GIGOrganic is an advanced tool based on spline curves and surfaces which can be interactively controlled to model and animate skins and skeletons.