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a product made during the manufacture of something else

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In a first place, eight dimensions of research on university spinoffs were identified, respectively the university's role, technology transfer process, regional context, founder's background, university spinoffs performance analysis, impact analysis according to several domains, the establishment of public support policies and entities that support the creation and growth of university spinoffs.
While even more pronounced in the US, (2) recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of spinoffs in Canada.
The proposed regulations would apply a 5% ATB size test to all spinoffs. Under this minimum ATB test, if either Distributing or Controlled had a five-year ATB asset percentage of less than 5%, the spinoff would not qualify for tax-free treatment (Prop.
The effectiveness of university knowledge spillovers: Performance differences between university spinoffs and corporate spinoffs.
The real estate investment trust spinoff of Windstream Holdings Inc.
University Spinoffs and Wealth Creation, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham.
Our results suggest that, on both growth indicators, spinoffs resulting from the exploitation of an opportunity by employees outperform corporate spin-offs initiated by incumbent firms and spin-offs that are the result of unfavorable developments in the incumbent.
The 2012 edition of NASA's flagship technology publication also includes a special section on spinoffs in manufacturing.
Sivakumar, 1997, "Corporate Focus and Value Creation: Evidence from Spinoffs," Journal of Financial Economics 45, 257-281.
Here's the secret: Both spinoffs took unlikely, characters and spun them into entirely new worlds, where the shows were able to survive on their own merits rather than live in the shadow of their predecessors.
While the economic spinoffs in job creation were significant during the construction phase of the expansion, the spinoffs from the increase in enrolment are going to be even bigger, says Marshall.
Neither Bault nor Porrello saw a negative motive behind such spinoffs, such as that conglomerates perceive property/casualty insurers as risky businesses after Sept.
The IRS recently published a notice of nonacquiescence to the Tax Court decision, saying it intends to object to all tax-free spinoffs in which the stock is sold shortly after distribution.
Therefore, actuarial assumptions are the tools for enlarging or shrinking an asset transfer, and selecting them requires expertise in spinoffs, discretion and cautious advocacy.