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a product made during the manufacture of something else

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Our results suggest that, on both growth indicators, spinoffs resulting from the exploitation of an opportunity by employees outperform corporate spin-offs initiated by incumbent firms and spin-offs that are the result of unfavorable developments in the incumbent.
Jain, 1999, "Firm Performance and Focus: Long-Run Stock Market Performance Following Spinoffs," Journal of Financial Economics 54, 75-101.
Bault, however, said he doesn't buy the risk-avoidance theory for the spinoffs.
a close tracker of spinoff activity and a leading adviser on spinoff transactions, 41 spinoffs were completed in 1996, with a total value of $94 billion.
Pension-plan spinoffs are governed by Sections 208 of ERISA and 414(1) of the IRC.
Deloitte , the global advisory firm and, The Spinoff Report (TSR) , the leading global Spinoff investment advisor, partnered back in 2010 to uncover the factual value behind Spinoffs.
Meanwhile, TSR's top recommended Spinoff stock picks have produced a return of +19% YTD from the Spinoffs that they will have analyzed for clients.
Clients say, being fully global; TSR [The Spinoff Report[R]] demonstrably delivers hedge and mutual funds more ideas and analysis on Corporate Spinoffs than any other research firm", Jim Osman, CEO of TSR .
TSR's Pipeline of US, EU and Global Spinoffs Now Sits At 112 or $900 Billion
NEW YORK & LONDON -- Leading global break-up advisor, The Spinoff Report[R] have analyzed the value in Tyco's (TYC's) up-coming 3 way, $24bn September Spinoff and merger.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- Did you know this: The Spinoff Report[R], TSR ( spinoffreport.
TSR's world first study with Deloitte of US Corporate Spinoffs from the past decade, discovered that 30% of Spinoffs get taken-over two years from announcement.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- The deal flood gates of European Corporate Spinoffs (demergers) are opening up.
On the flip side, investor activism and corporate strategy change in the US & Europe is forcing a focus on Corporate Spinoffs.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- Spinoff investors like Bill Ackman, Dan Loeb, John Malone, John Paulson, Joel Greenblatt, Warren Buffett and David Einhorn understand the returns Corporate Spinoffs create.