spina bifida

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a not uncommon congenital defect in which a vertebra is malformed

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The other case, described by Govender et al., involved a child with preexistent occult spinal dysraphism, which facilitated the extension of the ERWT to the spinal canal [14].
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Spinal dysraphism is a medical term that refers to neurological disorders related to malformations of the spinal cord, which can arise from failure in the closure of caudal neuropores at the end of the fourth week of embryological life.
Other complications which can be seen in case of hemangiomas include heart failure auditory obstruction disfigurement and associated abnormalities such as spinal dysraphism and PHACES syndrome.
Kyphotic deformity develops at the site of the spinal dysraphism as a result of the lateralised erector spinae muscles becoming perverted flexors of the spine.
In spite of their midline location, most salmon patches, except those in the sacral area, are not associated with spinal dysraphism [5].
As part of the study, researchers conducted genome mapping of four Weimaraners with spinal dysraphism, which causes impaired motor coordination or partial paralysis; 96 dogs without neural tube defects and 500 dogs from six other breeds.
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Physical examination should focus on inspection for cutaneous lesions, trauma, prior surgery and signs of spinal dysraphism. (6) The abdomen should be palpated for any masses.