herniated disc

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a painful rupture of the fibrocartilage of the disc between spinal vertebrae

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The operation went smoothly and the spinal disc herniation was removed from the third and fourth vertebrae.
Sciatica is most frequently a symptom indicative of spinal disc herniation and seldom has an extraspinal aetiology [3].
10) Spinal disc herniation (SDH) causes extreme pain radiating through the back or even across the limbs due to the compressed nerves around the disc.
The injections can quell nerve inflammation and ease limb pain caused by conditions such as a spinal disc herniation or spinal stenosis, but they do not cure or alter the progression of these mechanical spinal disorders.
Main birth defects are neural tube defects, spinal disc herniation, esophageal atresia, gastroschisis (infant's intestines stick out of the body through a defect on one side of the umbilical cord), and several others.