intervertebral disc

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a fibrocartilaginous disc serving as a cushion between all of the vertebrae of the spinal column (except between the first two)

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The operation went smoothly and the spinal disc herniation was removed from the third and fourth vertebrae.
SpinalCyte is focused on regrowth of the spinal disc nucleus using human dermal fibroblasts.
Among their topics are imaging the healthy and diseased spinal disc, clinical and experimental grading scales for disc degeneration and regeneration, treating degenerative disc disease/disc regeneration: growth factors and platelet-rich plasma, a summary of clinical trials with biological treatment approaches for spinal diseases, and why industry is interested in biological treatment strategies and tissue engineering for degenerative disc disease.
Yes, it can, as 63-year-old Efren Manalo Roque discovered the hard way after displacing two of his spinal discs.
The repair system, similar to the method used by salamanders to regenerate limbs, could be used to repair everything from spinal discs to bone fractures, and has the potential to transform current treatment approaches to regenerative medicine.
Prior to my surgery, I had recurring episodes of extreme pain and limited range of motion due to a compressed nerve in my spinal disc.
A 355-LB MAN WITH DIABETES AND SPINAL DISC DISEASE experienced a sharp pain between his shoulder blades after playing golf, followed by constant back pain radiating to his chest.
Pakistan team manager Naved Cheema said Talha, who has been diagnosed with a problem in a spinal disc, needed ten to twelve days rest, and would return to Pakistan once his back pain subsided.
He adds that for patients with a bulging spinal disc, a step up the ladder of pain control may be a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes a small needle and probe device called the Stryker Disc Dekompressor.
Darlene, from Pontypridd, has scoliosis, dyspraxia, autism, learning disabilities, speech, hearing and language impediments, three hernias and a bulging spinal disc but despite this the 17-year-old has won awards.
Spinal disc prolapse in lumbosacral area or the lower back, can lead to severe pain in the back, one or both legs and can cause neurological damage if not treated adequately, said Dr Kagzi.
Spinal Kinetics has completed its 10,000th implant of the M6 Artificial Spinal Disc, which treats patients suffering from degenerative disc disease.
The king will be seeking treatment after a blood clot complicated a slipped spinal disc, the state news agency SPA said.
According to Reuters, the king will be seeking treatment after a blood clot complicated a slipped spinal disc, the state news agency SPA said.
Ranier's Cadisc devices are designed to replicate the physiological biomechanics of a spinal disc.