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Keywords: Abdominal wall hernia, inguinal hernia, Spigelian hernia, ventral hernia
However, Spigelian hernia (SH) is an uncommon type of hernia with an incidence of 0.
In addition, lower localization of Spigelian hernia allowed us to use a single mesh.
Many patients of spigelian hernia therefore may have no obvious findings on clinical examination.
A diagnosis of Spigelian hernia was made and the patient was taken up for surgery under general anesthesia.
Although the exact mechanism of this co-existence of Spigelian hernia and ipsilateral undescended testis remains elusive, several studies have postulated about the underlying events giving rise to this association.
The case of Spigelian hernia which was not encountered in our study is different.
They included transperitoneal tension-free polypropylene mesh repairs for inguinal and sciatic hernias, composite mesh for ventral and spigelian hernias, and total extraperitoneal polypropylene repairs for obturator hernias.