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United States filmmaker (born in 1947)

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Washington DC [USA], Dec 14 ( ANI ): Hollywood heavyweight Tom Hanks, who will be next seen in Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie 'The Post', has described veteran director Steven Spielberg as a "guerrilla filmmaker".
When referring to Steven Spielberg at the Women in Film awards, I framed my comments about his films inaccurately.
EAGLE SWOOPS IN ST JAMES'S: PAGE 8 Spielberg to enjoy a close encounter STAR PERFORMER Spielberg can bring his Japanese form over to Ascot for a Prince of Wales's Stakes success of the winning kind
The last feature film Spielberg made without Williams was 1985's "The Color Purple," which Quincy Jones scored.
As a collection of film studies essays about the work of director Steven Spielberg written by a single author, this book supports a central thesis.
Spielberg will direct the film, which is yet to be given a title.
The ground rules were set with Spielberg saying that DreamWorks broke the studio system in Hollywood to become the new studio system.
Shelley Conn, star of television series Terra Nova, has described being chosen by Steven Spielberg for the show as an "honour".
Andrew Gordon's Empire of Dreams: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Films of Steven Spielberg is the fourth book to come out on Spielberg's work in as many years, which is both its blessing and its curse.
A WELSH university has apologised to Hollywood director Steven Spielberg for using his picture in a leaflet without permission.
Lucas hot, Spielberg not: Studios didn't want Spielberg to direct "Raiders," viewing him as a spoiled, indulgent director responsible for the over-budget clanker "1941.
Steven Spielberg has never enjoyed the best reputation among cinema and media scholars.
Hollywood film-maker Steven Spielberg has been ridiculed in the Chinese media and on the internet for living in a A"sci-fiA" dreamworld over his decision to sever ties with the Beijing Olympics.
Steven Spielberg (Just the Facts Biographies)" by Tom Powers is the true story of Steven Spielberg and how he made his way from a weird, skinny kid to a rich movie director.