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Synonyms for speed




exceed the speed limit


  • exceed the speed limit
  • drive too fast
  • break the speed limit

speed something up

Synonyms for speed

Synonyms for speed

a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system

travel at an excessive or illegal velocity

cause to move faster

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As the scheme potentially involves tens of thousands of speeders in the coming years it could also reduce the prosecution burden on the Courts and Crown Prosecution Service," added Chief Insp Moorhouse-Everett.
Steve Mitchell, who works out of the agency's Roseburg office, said Oregon speeders don't face much of what he calls "visual deterrence", which causes lead-footed drivers to keep an eye on the speedometer because they know police are in the area.
A magistrates' court would possibly view them as an habitual speeder.
Retired engineer Howard Lewis and former computer game producer Robert Preston are men on a mission -to protect their community's young and elderly from speeders.
However, Abu Dhabi Traffic Police recently reported a 26 per cent drop in accidents after it put more patrols on the roads to catch speeders.
Leighty said some speeders have boasted of going faster, but this may be the fastest one that's verifiable.
They are an easy target to brand as speeders, but these new figures prove this is not the case.
AA spokesman Paul Watters said the organisation's research had found 76 per cent of drivers wanted higher penalties for reckless speeders.
POLICE chiefs are hiring "traffic vigilantes" in a bid to snare rogue speeders.
The idea is a more sophisticated version of a method used by French police to catch autoroute speeders.
Might this possibly, substantially reduce the number of speeders and perhaps save lives?