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a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadway

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The controls consist of a broad, extended ambidextrous thumb safety and a well-shaped beavertail, with a speedbump and a barely-noticeable step where the rear of the frame meets it.
Analysis of passive and semiactive controlled suspension systems for ride comfort in an omnibus passing over a speedbump, International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences 5(1): 7-17.
Psy hit a speedbump in the United States last month when anti-American views he voiced a decade ago caught up with him but he apologised and went on to perform at a "Christmas in Washington" gala attended by Obama and his family.
The retired 59-year-old lost control of his quad bike on a speedbump near his home in Paphos.
POSTIE Katie Lee made a super-fast delivery of her baby - thanks to a speedbump at a hospital.
Ben was in his girlfriend's car, travelling over a 5mph speedbump, when the lid slipped off the takeaway drink.
The continuing credit squeeze has created an unexpected new speedbump in America's road to a secure energy future.
Barry was barely over the first speedbump when the cheeky scally discretely flashed a V-sign in the direction of the want away skipper.
To them, changing it to ombudsperson was as unnecessary as changing the word woman to woperson, or changing the British phrase for speedbump from "sleeping policeman" to "sleeping policeperson.
It has a Wolff reduced-power trigger-return spring and factory 92D hammer spring purchased from Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT); it's been retrofitted with an LTT Speedbump Trigger to reduce overtravel; the gun has been NP3'd, the lubricity factor of which does its bit to slick up trigger pulls.
Alternatively, if this seems to paint with too broad a brush, we might agree with Learned Hand that there is a sort of tax exceptionalism (100)--that there is some basic right to tax planning, to preserve private assets against state claims, and therefore, that efforts to restrain tax planning should have to overcome the "clear statement" speedbump.
He's upset, but he has a long career ahead of him and this is just a speedbump,' added Doyle.