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Besides, fishermen in one area refuse to allow people from some other area to moor their boats, except for those from their own village or unless they know them personally and take up their speedboats as their own.
Customs officers conducted an anti-smuggling operation at the seashore at Island House Lane, Tai Po in the evening on December 12 and found several men moving carton boxes from a private vehicle at the seashore onto a speedboat.
On Friday, the speedboat is expected to be examined to see if there was a mechanical failure, Kofteros said.
His remarks came after Commander of the IRGC Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi declared in May that the IRGC has done all the necessary tests and will soon launch mass-production of speedboats that cruise at a speed of 80 knots (148 kilometers) per hour.
Mr Pavitt praised the work of local boatmen who brought the speedboat under control.
SPEEDBOAT users have been praised for going to the aid of the owner of a capsized catamaran.
Greenpeace said the activists arrived at the rig in inflatable speedboats launched from their ship Esperanza, which avoided a Danish warship shadowing it.
The daily cited an unnamed Iranian defector and former military engineer, who worked on designing the "suicide speedboats," for bringing the secret plan to light.
Mumbai, Sep 30 (ANI): Mumbai police launched two speedboats to enhance coastal security.
Warnings are being issued to those flocking to the coast with speedboats and jetskis to make sure they are fully seaworthy after a speedboat broke down on the coast and the Cullercoats lifeboat had to perform an emergency rescue operation.
Emergency services and councils in Cornwall yesterday launched a campaign to educate those using speedboats and jet skis about their dangers.
SPEEDBOATS and jet-skis are to be banned from several tourist lakes.
Sulu provincial police chief Candido Casimiro said police and pro-government militiamen spotted the pirates on board three speedboats as they tried to attack a group of fishermen off the small coastal village of Mabahal, about 950 kilometers south of Manila.
Six patrol boats, two aircraft and three special rubber speedboats, which are twice as fast as normal rubber speedboats, took part in the drill beginning at 11:30 a.