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a trap arranged on a roadway for catching speeders

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When speed traps were removed we were assured that mobile speed cameras would replace them.
The decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals ruled out that all traffic controls including speed traps should be aimed at protecting the public and helping them to drive safely and that it is unacceptable to set up a speed trap and expect a driver who fails to comply with the speed limit to pay a fine without first informing the driver about it.
Race to the negotiated procedure for the award of the 6419 EGPN supply of speed traps, cat.
The communications ministry and traffic police recently decided to install speed cameras, speed traps and speed bumps to make the road less attractive to would-be racers.
To be caught in a speed trap does not prove anything except that it is the victim's turn to be on the wrong road at the wrong time.
BEIRUT: More than a year after radar speed traps were installed across the country, the number of deaths from car accidents has barely changed, a fact road safety groups blame on a failure by authorities to implement the law.
Despite the negative impact at some sites, 17 of the county's speed traps did manage to reduce casualties.
Trapster is a free app that alerts the user as they come near to any roadway hazards like speed traps, red light and speed cameras, accidents and the like.
Derel Schulz said he takes offense to both the notion that speed traps exist in the city - speedtrap.
Users tag locations on a map where they have seen speed traps, building a continually updated database.
It seems an open invitation to once again become a national laughingstock for speed traps.
SIR - Without doubt the latest tyranny of our modem age is speed cameras and speed traps.
People would wonder whether the bodies which make money out of speed traps are the ones REALLY annoyed at the AA's decision.
LETTERS like Mr David Gore's objecting to police conducting speed traps on Aigburth Road (ECHO, Nov 22) make my blood boil.